Toledo Bend Baptist Resort Minstry
Saturday, June 15, 2024
Dear Friends: 

We are thrilled that you are considering coming to help with the resort ministry on Toledo Bend Lake.  The following information may prove helpful in your decision making process.

Two buildings will be available for your use.  Both buildings are air conditioned for your comfort.  We have a bunk- house, which sleeps 32, (16 girls and 16 boys, if you have a split group).  We also have a lodge, with kitchen facilities.  There are ample cooking utensils, however if there is something you feel is a necessity, you may wish to bring it for insurance.  You may also wish to bring paper plates, disposable cups and glasses, and plastic ware to cut down on dishwashing.  Each group is responsible for its own cooking and cleanup.  This includes hauling off the garbage at least once each day.

 A washer and dryer are available for your use at no additional cost.  You will need to bring detergent, bounce, etc.    Also please remember that the summer staff also uses the washer and dryer and that they are not going home at the end of the week.

 Each person will need to bring his own bedding, pillow, towels, and toilet articles.

 Please understand that we have no maintenance personnel to keep up our facilities.  Each group must keep the buildings and grounds clean this includes hauling off the garbage.  Care must be taken to insure that the property is not littered or abused.  Let me take this opportunity to advise you that any physical abuse to the building or grounds other than the normal wear and tear of constant use will be billed at the cost of repair or replacement to your church.  This includes both accidental and intentional damage at the ministry center and all ministry sites.

 An extension of the office phone line is in the kitchen area of the lodge.  It is available for the use of the group for collect long distance calls only and should be used primarily between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and with the permission of an adult sponsor.  You need to be aware that any long distance calls that appear on the Ministry phone bill during the time that your group was on site that were not place by the missionary or  staff will be forwarded to your church for payment.

 The cost for housing is $ 15.00 per person per day.  These fees are used to pay for utilities, cleaning supplies, and the upkeep of the buildings and grounds.  The $ 25.00 per person administration fee covers a t-shirt for each team member (including children) and helps to offset the cost of summer missionaries, scheduling and advance publicity of programming.  There is no profit made on these fees, but operating expenses must be covered to insure that our mission dollars be used for ministry.

For more information on the activities you will be doing please refer to the document link at the bottom of the page.

 If you have any questions, please let me know.  Take care and have a safe trip.

 Your fellow servants,

Mary L. Gore                                                                            Danny Warmack

Missionary                                                                                Associate Missionary


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